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Herritage Park

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Herritage Park
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Why I am Running

Where I Stand on Issues

Personal commitments as your Mayor:

I will communicate and listen:

I will seek to understand the issue and the different ideas and perspectives with an open mind.  I will seek input from others, and return phone calls, emails.

​I will be Prepared:

I will study out the issues, do the homework, and asked the needed questions and explore alternatives.  I will be at meetings, participate in the discussion, visit site where changes are being proposed, share ideas, express concerns, and make the decision for the best interest of our city.

I will serve with Integrity and Respect:

I will do what I commit to do,  I will respect the rights and opinions of others.

I'm currently serving as a member of the Highland City Council, where I have served for the past 3.5 years.   I have loved learning about how government works, vs the private sector.  I have worked hard to make sure the taxes and fees collected are allocated to the best uses in the city.  I have shown that I'm willing to listen to residents, and done my best to respond to e-mails that have been sent to me.  I believe I have proven Im a problem solver and can work with individuals.  

Debt and Taxes

Its City Council’s responsibility to make sure the citizens money is being protected and used wisely.

Highland City currently has $11,125,000 bond debt.  I'm against the city obtaining any new bond debt.

 As a successful business owner, I am very familiar with balancing a budget, cutting unnecessary spending, and lowering costs to match revenue.  As a member of the City Council, I promise to look for ways to cut expenses and to be wise in making sure we provide necessary services.  We must live within our means, which will require tough decisions at annual budget time.  I will always be looking for ways to cut expenses, obtain state or federal funding and/or increase city revenue, before resorting to raising taxes. I understand that money paid to the city via taxes is the residents’ hard earned money, and I will never forget that!


Roads and road safety is one of the main core services a city is to provide.  The city has struggled in the past to maintain infrastructure and integrity of the roads. Highland City Council in May 2017 voted to have an $18.50 per month fee added to the city's utility billing to go towards roads repair and road maintenance.  As a member of the City Council,  I will protect and ensure this extra fee will only go towards roads, and not be part of city's general funds.

Transparency in Government

I will work hard to add transparency to our local government by informing citizens of upcoming issues and where changes are taking place within the city.  I also feel it’s important to have surveys to ask the citizens on key issues what is important to them. I will strive to have two way conversations with residents before major decisions are made. 

East -West Corridor / Murdock Connector

I support the East –West connector road from 4800 West to Alpine Highway.  It will help in giving a second access and cutting down on drive time to and from east and west side of Highland and for Lone Peak High School.  For safety reasons, Highland residents need another East-West road to help with traffic flow and in times of emergency. My support is in anticipation that the funding for the road will be provided by Mountainland Association of Government..

Planning and Zoning

Residential: In speaking with residence and in the recent Highland City survey, residence stated one of the main things they love about Highland is large lots and the open feeling.  I support this vision, and as a member of the City Council will vote to keep large lot subdivisions, as I have done consistently as a member of the Highland City Planning Commission! 


Commercial: I’m for responsible commercial growth in Highland City by following the cities master zoning plan, which is in need of updating.  I feel its important to master plan, so we can see our safety, traffic and infrastructure concerns.  I see selective areas along SR-92 and by Lone Peak High School being proposed as new commercial retail  and professional office areas.

It’s important to me, to keep Highland a beautiful place to live and place to raise our families safely, along with protecting our home values.  I do not feel it’s prudent or safe to have commercial development built in residential areas, with commercial traffic going down residential streets.   

I have no ties to any development, or developers doing projects in Highland.  I also do not own any commercial real estate in Highland.

Economic Development

Internet Tax Revenue: Because we share a zip code with American Fork, I am concerned about Highland City receiving the correct internet sales tax revenue generated by Highland residents who are doing their shopping online.  The American Fork Post Master has verified to me that Highland is one of the top package delivery areas in Utah per capita.  I will continue to work with the United States Post Office and the State of Utah Internet Sales Tax Division Director to ensure Highland is getting paid the correct sales tax revenue from internet retailers that the State of Utah is collecting sales tax from.  Of the top 10 internet sales sites, 7 of them have a physical presence in Utah which means Highland City should be receiving internet sales tax revenue from them.  Amazon, Wal-Mart (Jet.com), Apple, Macy’s, Best Buy, Home Depot, Costco – I will fight for and verify that sales tax is being collected and paid by the State of Utah to Highland City.

Team Member

I believe my strong leadership skills include listening to others ideas and input and being a good team member. It’s important to show respect to others you work with, if it be in community service, business or church service. I currently have, and have had several partners in many businesses, and understand the importance of respecting another person’s opinion, but also making sure your voice is heard.

Open Space Fee

I will have open dialog, to make sure I understand the concerns from Highland’s 18 Open Space Communities.  Residents in these neighborhoods currently pay monthly fees, to help maintain neighborhood parks, trails, and green spaces.  I’m for making sure that the open space fee currently being charged is fair and equitable.

Please e-mail me and share your ideas,  input and concerns:
  • City Parks
  • Sunday closed
  • Annexation by other cities
  • Utah Developmental Center property
  • Dry Creek Lake