Kurt Ostler

for Highland City Mayor
Passion - Experience - Leadership

 Building a better city for a better tomorrow

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"Kurt is a careful steward and a loyal, long-time resident of Highland City.  He has served diligently on the Planning Commission and City Council, and always takes the time to study things out and take resident feedback into consideration.  He never assumes he has all the answers, instead of taking the time to ask appropriate questions, take notes, and investigate when residents express their concerns. We know that his intention is to preserve and cherish this city that we love."

Tim and Natalie Ball  (former Highland City Council candidate 2017)

                                            (Organizer 2016-2017 Zoning Referendum)


"I support Kurt Ostler for the Highland City Council.  I've known Kurt for the past 27 years and he has always been a prudent problem solver. Kurt is great at listening and discovering the root of the problem and then goes forward with enthusiasm to find solutions to solve the problem.  I believe Kurt, with his endless energy and sound experience as a businessman, father, leader, and neighbor will serve the residents of Highland well."  (in very positive ways)

         Ruth King  (Highland Resident)

"Kurt Ostler and I have been neighbors for almost 20 years now.  I don’t know a better neighbor that I have had in my entire life.  He is an incredible person, one who loves people, kind, caring and full of joy and happiness.  He will be a great Highland City Council member because he is a very smart businessman and just a smart person in general.  He is a person of action, creative and has great common sense to do “the right things”.  Kurt will bring great strength and experience to our City Council.  He is very creative and knows how to get things done.  Most importantly, he can do all these things and have fun while doing them.  As I said before, I have known Kurt Ostler for a long time, believe me, he is the right man to help our City and our City Council."

 Rodger Lyman  (Neighbor- lives across the street from Kurt)

"I love that Kurt has experience on the Planning Commission and has been to the meetings and locations talking to the community about issues in our city.  He has been active in our community and is concerned about the safety and future planning of the space we have left to build out.  Kurt Ostler has my vote!"

 Audrey Wright (former Highland City Council candidate 2017)


Primary Election 

August 10, 2021

Mayoral candidate voting will NOT be on the Primary Election ballot, since there are not more than two running for mayor.

General Election

November 2, 2021

Elect Kurt Ostler